Sunday, January 16, 2011

response to elliptical facebook questions

I'm tired of getting tripled teamed by the devil......he aint got to worry about you cause you only good for religious quotations.......yeah I'm the Christian MVP and I wear da number 7 on my chest......but am I the only Christian all-star not afraid to tackle tuff Christian why there so many homosexuals in the black church, but everyone acts like they don't see it........and other if Eve really came from Adam, doesn't that mean that men have feminine sides.....or that there was a woman trapped in the inside of them.......and if I'm the Bride of Christ.....what does that make ugly man in a bridal gown......or a woman trapped in a man's body........?
About Eve coming out of Adam. One thought may be that we were originally beings that were neither male nor female, like we are now. God is not really male, but rather above and greater than what we think of as a man or masculine. In human beings being created in the image of God, their are attributes of God that mostly only women seem to have. God begot Jesus like women beget children. The bible talks about God bringing us to his bosom (aka breasts) [Isaiah 40:11]. Then there are sides of God that mostly men mirror. We call God Father and revere God for the might & power and kingship that God has.
So what happened in the garden? God separated the soul of the human being and gave half to Adam, now the first male, and half to Eve, the first woman. Then later the bible talks about a husband and wife becoming one flesh (or one soul) when they marry [Genesis 2:24]. This is possibly because what was divided becomes reunited when husband and wife come together with a singular mind and unity of spirit. This is probably why God is so supportive of marriage, because the spiritual power of a married couple moving together with one mind may be greater by multiples compared with either a single man or woman working independently. It may also be that we are most closely in the image of God as husband and wife, because we are then neither male nor female, but rather a united new entity, as God is neither male nor female. The potential spiritual power of a married couple is probably intimidating to those who would rather keep people powerless, which may be why there is so much external attack against marriage.

Maybe Jesus calls the church the bride because Jesus want us to become one new entity and to enter into a singular mind--taking on the mind of Christ, and a singular spirit and into the spiritual power of Jesus. Jesus wants us to be one with Him. And when spiritual beings are one, like that, we are neither male or female, we are above those natural terms, making us SuperNatural. So, I would not attribute the bride in this analogy as being a female idea, that should make masculine men feel nervous to be a part of. Instead, I would think of the bride as being the partner of the groom in a great spiritual marriage or union.