Thursday, December 23, 2010

conversation with a zealot

boy: I don't usually write random emails like this to strangers, but there are no words in the English language to describe how beautiful and enticing I think you are. I would love to communicate with you if given the chance and find out whether you are more than just looks and whether your intellect and personality are as breathtaking as your exterior. My name is *dude and I will patiently wait for your response. I hope that there is one. Take care.
girl [checks out FB profile and notices that he is of agnostic belief and she follows Jesus]:Thank you for the flattery. Unfortunately I am really wanting to become more of a follower of Jesus at this time in my life and would not entertain getting into a relationship with someone who did not also want the same thing. Have a great new year. Wishing you only the best.
boy: Interesting...And that in and of itself is so contradictory to Jesus' teachings and also closed-minded.
girl:My perspective is actually not contradictory to Jesus' teachings; and most people would not find Jesus "open-minded" by today's standards since he says in very clear terms that he is the ONLY way to God. Jesus clearly portrays himself as being an heir of God sent to do several things on the earth, namely being redeeming mankind from the off-course trajectory that humanity was on. Jesus also then makes it clear that God now expects us, the recipients of redemption, to believe that Jesus was sent for that purpose and to be like Jesus in the world. I am sorry to be blunt but agnosticism does not follow after Jesus. It seems that you wrote to me because you would be interested in us having a relationship based on attraction. For me to have that kind of relationship with someone we have to share the same God. I have no problem being friends with people of all kinds of belief but the same does not hold true for who i will date and i do not apologize for that.
boy: If you says so...Trust me, you don't want to get in a theological debate with me.
girl:You should read Jesus's teachings. You are likely to find that modern culture portrays him as being more tame and not as radical and extreme as he really was.
boy:Actually you should read Jesus' teachings. I have actually read the Bible from cover to cover on 4 separate occasions. It is my quest for spirituality and also knowledge that brought me to feeling the way I do now. I am certain that you would not be able to have a truly fact-filled theological debate with me. There is no portrayal. You actually need to find facts instead of believing in a made-believe invisible being, that pulls strings.
girl: i do read my bible. i have read apologetic arguments and agnostic/ atheistic arguments. i have had experiences that no one can take away from me and based on all of that I choose to believe. and you are right, i have no desire to get in a debate with you.
boy:I know, religious radicals almost never have the ability to view beyond their superstition.
girl:Firstly, I am not religious. Secondly, I do not believe in superstition. Third, your earlier comment about being hypocritical is evidence that you do not know who Jesus was as a political figure in his day, which is why I suggested that you read about him. Either way you are entitled to your Opinions.
boy:LOL. Definition of RELIGIOUS: 1: relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity (a religious person), (religious attitudes); 2: of, relating to, or devoted to religious beliefs or observances (joined a religious order); 3a : scrupulously and conscientiously faithful
b : fervent, zealous.
What's funny is that you can't prove anything you claim to hold as a fact. You step out in so-called faith. I call that stepping out on ignorance. Christ's story is not even original, it has been told over and over again in other cultures and thousands of years before Christ's birth. LOL. Funny!!
girl:Actually, by your demonstrated definition of religious, any "zealous" person would be religious, that includes your zealousness for this discussion, any die-hard football follower or member of a coveted group. Therefore your definition has no specificity to identify only a selected group. 
In regards to Jesus not being original, that is not based on fact. Jesus is the only of all those having stories similar to his, to have actually been proven to have lived on the earth. Those other stories are folklore and do not have evidence to support that the protagonists actually ever existed. There are many records of Jesus life and exploits, beyond the bible. Check your facts.
boy:HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ignorance is bliss!
girl: EXACTLY ! Well said. Merry Christmas homie. Maybe one day you will see something that was always in front of your eyes.
boy:LOL Okay...Merry Christmas to you too...

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monique said...

Thanks Kia! This is an excellent reminder of what we must do to hold on to our faith & also it reminded me that I need to work harder to hold true to my promises to God.

Yours truly,

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