Monday, January 11, 2010


The heart doesn’t speak in intellect, it’s language is much more simple. Beat or not beat, love or hate. Truth or lie. 

Sometimes a princess meets a King and becomes a Queen. But what happens when a prince meets a Queen? Is a Queen only meant for a King, or can the prince rise in stature? 

It’s scary to take a chance and invest in human potential. What if they decide to squander and be lazy? Man, I wonder if God’s intestines are in a knot, watching and hoping for mankind.  But if you don’t take a huge risk, you lose the possibility of reaping a huge reward.   

I have to ask: why was the tree in the garden? I mean really, why put it there if not to tempt? And it temptation was intended, then can one really disappointed at any choice that is made, or are all choices valid? What if life is an exercise in making choices and seeing what they produce?

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