Monday, January 11, 2010

What if God is a bystander?

It is so easy for me to want to be frustrated with my situation of singleness and to be frustrated with God. Sometimes I do not want to talk to God about my frustrations and that just leads me to feel more isolated and alone, walling off my deep trueness behind guarded detachment. But today I wondered, “what if God is a bystander to my life?” What if God is watching and waiting to see what I do. What if God is waiting to see what choices we make and then what we do with the consequences of those choices? What if the day- to- day choices and courses are up to us, and only huge/ affect- the -world- and- all- it’s- inhabitants events does God navigate? What if the rest, God leaves up to us?

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Shukura said...

he is not a by stander i swear hes just waiting for us to get into contact with him, and run into his arms. he listen and helps. talk to him not yourself although he can hear you anyway


xx shukura